Config File Settings


In the config/simple-registration.php file you can find these settings:


Default: TRUE

 * If enabled registrations using /member/register will not be allowed. It's wise to keep this TRUE since if you
 * don't spammers will use /member/register to create accounts on your website
$config['simple_registration_no_other_registrations'] = TRUE;


Default: FALSE

 * Specify a global honeypot field here. Use this to specify that "username" is always a honeypot and if it is
 * filled out register it as spam and deny the registration
$config['simple_registration_global_honeypot_field'] = FALSE; //'username';

More information about the honeypot field here.


Default: array()

 * Use this array to rewrite input. For example if you specify that 'username' is a global honeypot above
 * you can use this array to say that the real username value can be found in the input field named 'hexagon'
 * for example.
 * Like this:
 * $config['simple_registration_input_name_rewrites'] = array(
 *    'username' => 'hexagon',
 * );
 * Simple Registration will then use 'hexagon' for username. You can use this array to rewrite all fields,
 * ie. you can say that password shall be found in 'hairy_animal' and password_confirm shall be found in
 * 'hairy_animal_confirm'. This enables you to create a 100% custom signup form quickly for each website
 * that spammer bots will have a hard time auto-registering at.
$config['simple_registration_input_name_rewrites'] = array(
   // 'username' => 'hexagon',

More information about input name rewrites here.